मुख्यमंत्री ग्रामीण आवास योजना - Government of Madhya Pradesh
Chief Minister's Rural Housing Mission, Madhya Pradesh
i-ASHRAY (integrated - Automation System for Housing in Rural Areas Yojna)
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08/10/2022 14:25:38
Mobile No. of State Officer's
Designation :
1 Anil BhawsarGeneral Manager940656466920/10/2015
2 Bharti ShrivastavaAssistant Manager (Fin.) 786956290008/07/2015
3 mrChief General Manager022/10/2016
4 Prashant KelapureProject Officer 942560942102/07/2015
5 Shivoharsh ChavhanTask Manager810900065013/04/2016